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Primary Mathematics Olympiad Programme

This 5-day (15-hour) enrichment programme is intended for students who are currently in Primary 5 or Primary 6, and have a strong interest in mathematics. While some of the teaching materials will be Primary School Mathematical Olympiad type problems, the aim of the programme is to stimulate and develop students' creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. The programme consists of 5 topics (see below) and will be conducted in 5 three-hour sessions.


  • Number theory: Basic number theory concepts such as common multiples, unit digit, divisibility and remainder will be covered. Students will be taught pattern recognition and useful techniques to solve complex problems involving whole numbers.
  • Combinatorics: This is the branch of mathematics that studies counting problems. Students will learn systematic and efficient ways to do seemingly complicated counting problems.
  • Geometry: Students will be introduced geometrical figures such as polygons and circles. They will learn formulas and techniques to solve geometrical problems involving areas and angles of such figures.
  • Logical thinking: Logical reasoning plays an important role in solving mathematical problems. In this session, students are required to collate information and analyse situation to solve some interesting logical puzzles.
  • Arithmetic: Students will be introduced basic rules for arithmetic and some shortcuts and techniques for solving complex arithmetical problems. They will then use the techniques to solve number puzzles.