There are three categories of memberships:

  • FOUNDER MEMBERSHIP, which shall be open to all six (6) Founder bodies, viz: Institute of Physics Singapore, Science Teachers Association of Singapore, Singapore Association for the Advancement of Science, Singapore Institute of Biology, Singapore Mathematical Society and Singapore National Institute of Chemistry;
  • AFFILIATE MEMBERSHIP, which shall be open all registered professional and scientific bodies promoting the advancement of science and technology in Singapore.
  • ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP, which shall be open to all registered firms and organizations interested in the promotion of science and technology in Singapore. 

Applications for membership shall be made in the form of a brief document which shall contain the following information:

  • Write-up of professional body, scientific body, firm or organization.
  • In the case of affiliate membership, the following details are also to be included: objectives of body, names and designations of council members, membership strength, date since the body is registered with the Registrar of Societies, and any other relevant information.
  • Reasons for wanting to be a member of the Singapore National Academy of Science 

The document shall be emailed to the Honorary General Secretary, who shall submit it to the Council for consideration at its next meeting. Admission shall be on the unanimous decision of the Founder Members. 

Every application approved by the Council shall be effective only upon payment of the annual subscription fees.