For many years Singapore has been promoting and popularising science via various programmes.  Science Centre Singapore (SCS) was opened in 1977  to promote informal science education and promotion. SCS works together with constituent societies of SNAS such as SAAS and STAS to promote and popularise science.  In addition many education institutions also have their own programmes to promote Science.

Science Centre Singapore

Since 1977, the Science Centre Singapore has been pushing at the boundaries of non-formal science education and promotion in Singapore.

The Centre takes an integrative approach in promoting science and technology to the public and to students. 15 000 m2 worth of interactive exhibits illustrate the principles and impact of science and technology, and promote discovery and self-learning through play. Hands-on enrichment programmes reach out to over a hundred thousand school students every year.

The Centre also publishes science magazines and natural history guidebooks dedicated to local flora and fauna. In recent years, the Centre is increasing its focus on its Science Promotion and Outreach effort, which brings science into shopping malls and onto television screens. The Centre also hosts a 276 seater-Omnitheatre.

Science Center Singapore

Science Center Singapore

NUS Science Outreach

NUS Science Demonstration laboratory was developed in the spirit of allowing students to discover and re-discover science through hands on experience and interactive learning. The Science Demonstration Laboratory highlights 30 or more illuminating science experiments and demonstrations. Seeking to expound the principle of “I see and I remember; I do and I understand”, the science demonstration lab builds students’ understanding around visually and intellectually impactful examples of scientific phenomena.

A team of dedicated guides complements the equipment and hardware to relay and explain the most exciting aspects of scientific concepts to the participants.

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