The Council of the Singapore National Academy of Science (2016/17)


Office Bearers

President : Prof Andrew Wee (IPS)

Immediate Past President: Prof Leo Tan Wee Hin (SI Biol/SAAS)

Vice Presidents :

  • A/Prof Lim Tit Meng (SAAS)
  • Prof Ling San (SMS)

Hon. Secretary : A/Prof R Subramaniam (SAAS)

Hon. Asst. Secretary: Dr Leong Lai Peng (SNIC)

Hon. Treasurer : Ms Ho Yuen Ping (SIS)

Council Members


  • A/Prof Lim Tit Meng (SAAS - president)
  • Mrs Anne Dhanaraj (SAAS - secretary)
  • Prof Tan Choon Hong (SNIC - president)
  • Dr Leong Lai Peng (SNIC - honorary secretary)
  • Ms Irene Tan  (STAS - President)
  • Mr Nicholas Tan (STAS  - secretary)
  • Dr Jani Tanzil (SIBiol - president)
  • Dr Paul Chen (SIBiol - honorary secretary)
  • A/Prof Rajdeep Singh Rawat (IPS - president)
  • Dr Koh Wee Shing (IPS - honorary secretary)
  • A/Prof Kwek Leong Chuan (IPS)
  • Mr Ng Kwan Kee (SIS - president)
  • Mr Alfred Koh (SIS - honorary secretary)
  • A/P Victor Tan (SMS - president)
  • Dr Tang Wee Kee (SMS - honorary secretary)
  • A/Prof Lee Yuan Kun (SSMB - president)
  • Dr Dave Ow Siak Wei (SSMB - honorary secretary)
  • Dr Yew Wen Shan (SSBMB - president)
  • Dr Yap Lai Lai (SSBMB - secretary)
  • Prof Chowdari BVR (MRSS, president)
  • A/P Evan Williams (MRSS, secretary)
  • Dr Pierce Chow Kah Hoe (SHHQ) (CCS, Chairman)
  • Dr Lynette Shek (CCS, secretary)
  • Chung Keng Yeow (Editor-in-Chief, Proceedings of SNAS)