Dear Colleagues,

It is with a mixed feeling that I accepted the nomination as the new SNAS President, and the mixed feeling is mainly due to the fact that there was no other nomination for the office.   I hope I will live up to the expectation entrusted me, especially to emulate the role model before me.

I have been inspired by Professor Andrew Wee who served as the President for the past 2 terms.  Andrew has served and led with wisdom and vision, and I hope SNAS collectively will strive to continue with his meaningful initiatives.  SNAS could be more visible and impactful to the nation, especially when we combine the intellectual powers and expert capabilities of all our members in local academies and friends from international affiliations. 

We should further strengthen our SNAS Fellowship scheme to sensitize the public and the academic community of the important contributions played by the outstanding scientists who have won this prestigious and completive recognition.   In return, the Fellows should play significant roles in giving advice to relevant agencies, to communicate and promote STEM  to the society as role models or experts, and to mentor young academics to continue the noble mission of scientific endeavour.

We should collectively show how SNAS can contribute to our nation in areas that impact the economy, education, talent development, resource management and even public policies on STEM matters; not just locally but also globally.  When we can show such tangible influence or impact then we will get recognition by our government of the important role that SNAS plays in the national science and technology landscape.  SNAS is also at a stage where we can confidently link up with international groups where there is a convergence of interests.  It is important for SNAS to recognize ourselves as such a key player.

I therefore humbly seek your support and cooperation to bring SNAS to the next level of service and excellence.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

A/P Lim TM
August 2019

Associate Professor Lim tit meng, President, Singapore National Academy of Science

Associate Professor Lim tit meng,
Singapore National Academy of Science