The formation of the Chapter of Clinician Scientists under the Academy of Medicine was initiated by a group of Fellow clinician scientists who have considerable experience and knowledge in the development of many academic programmes in Singapore, including collaborative initiatives with biomedical and pharmaceutical companies, and development of training guidelines for academic research and training of clinician scientists. They held the view that a professional body is needed to lead the efforts in advancing the art and science of academic medicine, advise Ministry of Health in training guidelines for clinician scientists, and be the academic voice of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.
Biomedical Science is one of the key pillars of Singapore’s economy. In the efforts to promote excellence in translational and clinical research, and nurture a vibrant research culture and community so as to improve our academic base to improve human health and healthcare services, the Ministry of Health has initiated a paradigm shift in our healthcare system by contributing huge resources to develop and promote academic medicine in Singapore. Training and developing clinician researchers and scientists are some of the major priority targets to raise the profile of academic medicine locally.
The Academy of Medicine aims to advance the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training, maintenance of medical standards of competency as well as continuous professional development, and hence is nicely poised to contribute to the translational and clinical research initiatives.
A resolution was passed at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy on 16 June 2012 on the formation of the Chapter of Clinician Scientists with 32 signatures of Fellows submitted in support of the formation.
To become a member of the Chapter of Clinician Scientists, applicant must: (a) already be a Fellow of the Academy; and (b) have committed more than 30 per cent of their time in research, have a track record in research or an appointed National/Cluster and Hospital Clinician Scientists. Scientists or Researchers can join the Chapter as an Associate Member. To-date, the Chapter has a total of 33 members. These Fellows also belong to a primary College or Chapter.
The Chapter of Clinician Scientists held its first committee meeting on 10 July 2012 at the Biomedical Research Council.